June Favourites


Hey guys! I’m back with a new blog post and I am going to create a list of my beauty favourites for June. I hope you like it and please show your love by re-blogging, liking or sharing on social media! Love u guys and here it is!

~Maybelinerose xxx

Favourite blush: L.A Colours Mineral Blush – Autumn   

I don’t know what it is lately, but I have been into wearing blush again because I got put off it because I am already quite rosy but in the winter time my face lacks colour so blush makes it pop! Why I am loving this blush is because it matches my tan skin really nicely and isn’t too pigmented which is what you want in a blush because girl you don’t want to look like a clown from IT! Anyway I love the consistency and it glides on well and lasts almost all day and it wasn’t overly expensive.

**Maybelinerose’s top tip for blush!

In the colder months after applying blush on your cheeks use the smallest amount on your brush and apply it on your nose for that slightly pink look (trust me it looks good) and it makes you look really cute!

Favourite bronzer/contour : Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzer

Now this bronzer just makes me smile! I have to say for the $50aud (😱) I payed for it, IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH EVERY CENT!! I have fallen in love with this bronzer and it is a must in my everyday makeup routine now. It is a cool-toned matte brown and gives you the perfect sun-kissed look and is great for contouring because it is matte. It is really blendable if you make mistakes and buildable to get that on fleek contour, or light bronzing.

Favourite concealer: The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer

This concealer is great for people with spots they need to cover up. It is specially designed and formulated to suit people with break outs and acne to not only cover it up but the tea tree oils help it heal. We all know packing on makeup onto pimples and spots definitely doesn’t help with the problem but with this concealer you can! It wasn’t very expensive ranging from $13-17 aud depending on where you shop.

Favourite highlighter : Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up! Cream Highlighter

Another Benefit product but how can I not? Their stuff is amazing. Anyway back to the highlighter. This highlighter is just absolutely gorgeous and gives you that champagne glow and makes you look luminous like a lightbulb! Watt?!?! (I had to sorry) This product is definitely on the expensive side but I got it with a gift card so lucky me. It is pearlescent and goes on really easily and the applicator ensures its blended to perfection to “Blind all the haters with that highlight!” -Nikkietutorials

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 7.28.57 PM.png

Anyway I hope you guys liked this small favourites and I will be back with a new blog soon! Stay gorgeous!

My Top 5 Lip Products

**Images pictured down the bottom of post. 😛


5. Sephora Kiss Me : 09 Magic Dessert

I was in Sephora not too long ago and I was looking at their lip products and I saw a girl with this swatched on her hand and I was like omg i have to have that! Sooooo I asked her what it was then I tried it on my hand and it is like the nicest lip product ever. I think it is like a cross between lipstick and lip tint because it has a hella ton of colour and heaps of glitter which made me love it and it smells like cupcakes!

4. Essence XXXL Longlasting Velvet Matte Lipgloss : 06 Soft Nude

So I was shopping around for a matte lip cream (not liquid lipstick) and I saw the essence counter had a few new products displayed and I went to check them out and I instantly fell in love with this lip cream. It is EXTREMELY smooth in consistency and the applicator is really great and in the perfect shape for lips. I recommend with this and any other matte product that you do exfoliate your lips before you use it for that extra smooth look and for the absolute bomb lip look use a matching lip liner. I like the Essence Lip Liner in 06 Satin Mauve because it is matte, cheap and really good!

3. L’ORÈAL Lip Stain Splash : 103 Marilyn

I was browsing through the L’ORÈAL counter and I saw this lip stain and omg I fell in love. It is just so pretty and when I put it on it felt like nothing but looked amazing and it lasts all day long. The colour gives a nice tint and it is kiss and smudge proof after about 10 minutes of having it on. Also a great gift idea one of my friends loved it when I gave to her as well as a L’ORÈAL Glam Bronze.

2. Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter : 047 Pink Lemonade + 027 Juicy Papaya

OMG can we just take a minute to acknowledge how amazing this lip butter is?! I am seriously in love with it! The consistency is smooth and gives you the moisture of a lip balm but the colour and shine of a lip stick/gloss. I bought two more orange toned lip butters and Juicy Papaya is really great if you have green or blue eyes because it makes them really pop and Pink Lemonade is really soft and subtle perfect for school.

1.Essence Lipstick : 13 Love me + Limited Edition ‘Good Girl Bad Girl’ 02 Caught In The Middle

So my favourite has finally come! The reason why I love this lipstick so much is because of the consistency. You would think for a $4-5 lipstick you would get some crappy, dry not pigmented lipstick but you are wrong! It glides on so well and lasts for a really long time and I think I could compare it to a high end lipstick and it is just so amazing! It doesn’t have a very shiny finish and is slightly matte. The first shade, Love Me is a sweet pink and is the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look. The Limited Edition Good Girl Bad Girl is the same consistency and everything but the colour is just omg! It is a pink/purple with blue undertones and by far the most intriguing colour in the lipstick world.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 8_Fotor_Collage.jpg

Thanks so much for reading and I hope this helped you to maybe find out about some great lip products out there! Toodles!

~Maybelinerose xx



DIY Makeup Setting Spray

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in like forever but today I have an awesome diy for you guys. I haven’t really known about setting my makeup with a spray until I watched YouTube videos and I set out to buy one. I looked and looked and found many great setting sprays: Mac Prep + Prime Fix + , Urban Decay ALL NIGHTER Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. They were so expensive! So I looked through Pinterest and found out that I can make my own. So that is exactly what I did. I modified the recipe to suit me and it turned out really amazing and not too sticky. Here it is!


  • Filtered Water
  • Glycerin
  • Witch Hazel
  • Flavouring not oil based (optional)

I found recipes that just used water and glycerin but I found that quite sticky and it didn’t work as well as adding witch hazel which made it smoother.


  1. Clean out a spray bottle and depending on how big it is fill it up to roughly a tenth of the bottle.

2. Next pour in an tenth of Witch Hazel then fill the rest of the bottle with filtered water.

3. If you want some scent in yours add a few drops of flavour. I used Strawberry. Then make sure the lid is closed tightly and slowly turn the bottle upside down until the glycerin drips down. Shake it up then voìla! You have your very own makeup setting spray for a fraction of the price!

To use it:

When you finish applying your makeup use 5-7 sprays from an arm length’s away and let it set in and then your makeup should last all day!

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope this helped you!


Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.19.04 PM

DIY Tinted Cheek Gel

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.07.23 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.05.58 PM             So a while ago I started to want a cheek tint. I was considering a Benefit Benetint but it was a bit on the expensive scale. I thought why not make my own, but then I had the idea of a cheek gel instead of a liquid one. This was 100% my idea and I am really proud of it. I hope you try it out and make it. Here it is.


1/3 cup of aloe vera gel

2 tablespoons of light moisturizer, I recommend Clean and Clear Essentials or a Nivea cream because they are light.

Red food colouring or any other colour you want your tint to be

Shimmer/Glitter (optional)

Other Things You Will Need: 


Container to keep your cheek gel




  1. Put  the Aloe Vera Gel in the bowl with the light moisturizer and combine it gently. If you have chosen a light moisturizer that isn’t rich it should mix together perfectly. If not then it will have split and you won’t have a good consistency.

2. With the dropper add about 10 drops of food coloring to the mixture. If you want a more pigmented gel then add more. If you want a lightly colored one then that should be enough.

3. If you desire shimmer add a pinch of ultra fine glitter and test it on your hand to see if there is enough. If it is too glittery add more of everything else.

I hope you guys like the recipe for my cheek gel and love it as much as I do! I experimented with a few different mixtures of food dye colours. The first is just red, the second is pink, red, and a tiny drop of blue. The third is pink and a tiny bit of yellow. Pictured at the top is an airtight container which you press on the top to get the product to come out. It is a really cool way to keep your gel, but a normal jar would be perfectly fine. I don’t have a picture with the product in the jar because I can only have two pictures but just imagine it in there.

~Maybelinerose xxxx

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer & Foundation Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 4.35.49 PM                                                                                                     I have been looking for a good concealer and foundation for a long time. When I heard about the Rimmel Wake Me Up series I had to try it out. Let’s start with the foundation. It is a really smooth consistency and has a decent coverage. I like it because it is light and isn’t cakey on my face. It has a bit of shimmer visible in it when you look at it in the bottle, but it is only visible on your face in the sun. The concealer is great and is light. I wouldn’t recommend it for very good coverage on acne or pimples. It is great for under the eyes and blemishes though. I like that they aren’t  very expensive option as the concealer is around 7 pounds, or 14 aud. I bought the foundation on sale so I saved some money but even the original price is affordable. I hope you like my first review and I’ll try to post some other stuff soon. Please like and comment and I’ll post soon.

~Maybelinerose xx