My Top 5 Lip Products

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5. Sephora Kiss Me : 09 Magic Dessert

I was in Sephora not too long ago and I was looking at their lip products and I saw a girl with this swatched on her hand and I was like omg i have to have that! Sooooo I asked her what it was then I tried it on my hand and it is like the nicest lip product ever. I think it is like a cross between lipstick and lip tint because it has a hella ton of colour and heaps of glitter which made me love it and it smells like cupcakes!

4. Essence XXXL Longlasting Velvet Matte Lipgloss : 06 Soft Nude

So I was shopping around for a matte lip cream (not liquid lipstick) and I saw the essence counter had a few new products displayed and I went to check them out and I instantly fell in love with this lip cream. It is EXTREMELY smooth in consistency and the applicator is really great and in the perfect shape for lips. I recommend with this and any other matte product that you do exfoliate your lips before you use it for that extra smooth look and for the absolute bomb lip look use a matching lip liner. I like the Essence Lip Liner in 06 Satin Mauve because it is matte, cheap and really good!

3. L’ORÈAL Lip Stain Splash : 103 Marilyn

I was browsing through the L’ORÈAL counter and I saw this lip stain and omg I fell in love. It is just so pretty and when I put it on it felt like nothing but looked amazing and it lasts all day long. The colour gives a nice tint and it is kiss and smudge proof after about 10 minutes of having it on. Also a great gift idea one of my friends loved it when I gave to her as well as a L’ORÈAL Glam Bronze.

2. Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter : 047 Pink Lemonade + 027 Juicy Papaya

OMG can we just take a minute to acknowledge how amazing this lip butter is?! I am seriously in love with it! The consistency is smooth and gives you the moisture of a lip balm but the colour and shine of a lip stick/gloss. I bought two more orange toned lip butters and Juicy Papaya is really great if you have green or blue eyes because it makes them really pop and Pink Lemonade is really soft and subtle perfect for school.

1.Essence Lipstick : 13 Love me + Limited Edition ‘Good Girl Bad Girl’ 02 Caught In The Middle

So my favourite has finally come! The reason why I love this lipstick so much is because of the consistency. You would think for a $4-5 lipstick you would get some crappy, dry not pigmented lipstick but you are wrong! It glides on so well and lasts for a really long time and I think I could compare it to a high end lipstick and it is just so amazing! It doesn’t have a very shiny finish and is slightly matte. The first shade, Love Me is a sweet pink and is the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look. The Limited Edition Good Girl Bad Girl is the same consistency and everything but the colour is just omg! It is a pink/purple with blue undertones and by far the most intriguing colour in the lipstick world.

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Thanks so much for reading and I hope this helped you to maybe find out about some great lip products out there! Toodles!

~Maybelinerose xx